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Explore our beautiful neighborhood.


Explore our beautiful neighborhood.

While you are enjoying the beauty of the „Pearl of the Adriatic“, you could expand your experience and knowledge of the surrounding area by going on one of our one day tours from Dubrovnik. Spend your day getting to know the city’s surroundings with our full-day and half-day tours in local areas which boast incredible natural beauty and a rich variety of cultural and historical influences.


A daytrip from Dubrovnik to discover the natural beauties and stunning scenery of one of the most beautiful bays in the world. Explore all diversities and historical places in charming towns of Kotor bay with us. Visit the man-made island with a church on top of it and an amazing story. Walk through Kotor, recognize the influence of different cultures and try the local cuisine. Have a look at modern architecture which mixes with centuries-old buildings and towns.


Picturesque small town with rich history, variety of cultures and religions connected with Neretva river and spectacular Old bridge with one of the biggest arches without foundations in the world. The bridge is a masterpiece of Ottoman architecture and actually, the town was named after the bridge keepers (mostari). Drinking a cup of turkish coffee and having a view on Old Bridge while brave divers jump from it into the cold and shallow river is a must-do. One of the biggest natural wonders of the area are Kravice waterfalls and Blagaj Tekija, located nearby.


Pelješac Peninsula is known as one of the best wine producing regions in Croatia. It is also famous for its  breathtaking landscapes, historical towns, oysters production and salt production. The peninsula is a great getaway from the crowds of Dubrovnik and only an hour away. Enjoy the gastronomy of the peninsula with oysters which cultivation dates from Roman Empire time and other fish specialties. Visit local family owned wineries and feel like a local. Take a look at salt pads that are still producing salt in traditional manner and which are fortified by one of the longest walls made out of stone in the town of Ston.


If your stay is too short and cannot be prolonged, and you would like to see Split you can do it in a one day tour. The Roman emperor who enjoyed retirement built in Split a palace for himself. Even though it was put under the influence of different cultures and kingdoms, it still has own charm and gives a great opportunity to experience Roman, Venetian, Austro-Hungarian and Croatian culture. With the new roads trip from Dubrovnik to Split is much quicker and easier now and is an opportunity to see the biggest town of Dalmatia and the centre of it for centuries.


Plitvice lakes are one of the most beautiful natural wonders of Croatia. 16 interconnected lakes cascading one into another are a part of the UNESCO Natural Heritage as well. Extraordinary views of waterfalls and vegetation will leave you breathless and the pictures on your camera impressive. The park is popular all year round and is unavoidable if you like nature and calmness.


Korčula old town is also referred to as „small Dubrovnik“ with its well preserved medieval walls and buildings, only easier to explore since it’s not sas crowded. Old town of Korčula is also the birthplace of
Marco Polo and you will see his name everywhere on island. Enter the town through the famous stairs of Land Gate, walk through the narrow and vivid streets. Enjoy the local gastronomy with a  glass of local wine while the fresh breeze refreshes you during hot summer times.


South of Dubrovnik lies the countryside region of Konavle, a beautiful valley with big importance through the history of Dubrovnik Republic as an agricultural area. Visit the town of Cavtat with a beautiful promenade and undeniable Mediterranean charm, where remains of a Greek colony Epidaurum were also found. Walk up to the stunning fort of Sokol tower which purpose during the Republic era was to control borders, and for quite
some time as storage of wine and grain. Take a look at a beautiful spring of river Ljuta (angry one) with a small cascade and old mills. Indulge in the best of Konavle with its tradition and local cuisine made entirely with domestic products.

Panoramic Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik old town is well known around world, but the newer parts of the town have a lot of diversity. Drive trough the modern part of Dubrovnik with the all-new bussiness centres. Take a look at river Ombla and port Gruž with cruises from the panorama stop of Dubrovnik bridge. Afterwards, drive through the river canyon all the way to the spring. After taking photos of the spring, continue your drive all the way to the top of the hill above the old town with a breathtaking view and enjoy a cup of coffee in local restaurants.

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